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September 8, 2012
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Larger Than Life
~Chapter 5~

I watched this fox for a good ten minutes. Assuming that there was just something mentally wrong with it, I turned to head back to my room. And, of course, as soon as I decide that, the fox bolts into the woods. That grace you would normally see in their run seemed to missing, like it was in a rush. Allowing my curiosity to get the best of me, I left the sink and made my way out to the back porch.

I sat down on the steps, focusing on being as quiet as humanly possible. I waited for about ten minutes, the only sound being the song of the frogs and crickets. I had become fairly immersed in the sound around me, so when the nocturnal song was silenced by the sudden reappearance of the fox as it burst from the brush; I was caught by surprise and snapped my head in its direction with a soft curse.
Hearing my voice, the fox stopped dead in its tracks and looked me straight in the eye. As it brought its head up, I saw something hanging from its jaws. I looked and looked but, couldn't figure out what it could be. Careful to be cautious, I stood, took two steps and then knelt down to get a better look. The fox was now a mere four feet from me but, the darkness stopped me from clearly making its prey out.

It started to lower its head, eyes on me the whole time, to place its prey on the ground. With the light from the back porch finally able to shine on the poor creature, I finally figured out what was in its mouth. And that's when a boulder landed in the pit of my stomach. There on the floor was the five inch girl who had been consuming my thoughts for the past few days. I knelt there for what seemed like forever, completely awestruck. Bringing my hand from my side, I reached for her, only to be greeted with a snarl. My gaze snapped to the face of the fox. It stared at me with such fearless eyes. It had its hackles raised and its fangs glistened on the porch light. A bark rang from its mouth as it glanced by the back porch. It continued to bark and every time I would try to reach the girl, it would snap at my hand, but it was just in warning. It, for some reason, didn't want to actually bite me.

After a few more barks, I heard some sound come from behind me but, there was no way I was taking my eyes off the fox that had the girl. The fox in front of me was soon joined by two more. And with the three all standing together, I was able to figure out that the kidnapper was a female. When she stood next to, what I was assuming were, her brothers it was easy to tell. They had a stronger build. But the snarl on their faces was much more similar. The female barked again and I could almost swear there was a twinge of desperation somewhere in there. The reply she received was more rustling by the porch, and I heard more running footfalls. "Just how much life is under my damn porch?"  I had thought. The footfalls slowed as the came closer to my right.

"Adriana?! Adriana?! Cassi, Stop! Let me Down!" I froze. Adriana. I knew that name. I just couldn't place where I knew it from.

A small blur caught my attention by my side. My gaze landed on a small woman in a sprint. Without thinking, I snatched her into m grip and held her before my face in a fist. She squirmed and fought but did not scream.

"What was that name you just said?" I asked with urgency in my voice.

"Adriana. That's my daughter's name. Now put my down so I can get to her!" she demanded. No, commanded. And with the force behind it, I almost complied.  I would have too, if I wasn't already lost in my own thoughts a look of awe plastered on my face.

Playing in my room, usually it was hide and seek, and I would always be bent down, looking under things. She would sit in one of my toy cars and let me drive her around. We would go outside and play in the edge of the woods, she would pretend to be a fairy and I was the lost explorer. I was ripped from my thoughts by my name.

I whipped my head around to the porch, thinking that my father was looking for me.

"Erik," I turned to look back at my hand, "Please let me down. My daughter needs me," she said.

"You know my name," was my awestruck reply.


I knew was going to wake up, judging from the searing pain. Prying my eyes open, I tried to figure out what the thunderous sound reverberating through my body was. Seeing two huge paws on either side of me, I looked up. It was Roxxi and, man, was she snarling. As I rose to see what exactly she was snarling at, I almost screamed out from the pain in my shoulder. But I was too pissed for it to come out of my mouth. Why? Because kneeling right in front of us was that damn human. And to top it all off, he was holding my mother. It was safe to assume that I was not happy.

Using the silence of the hunter, I positioned myself, popped my shoulder back into place withonly a whimper,  and pulled out my bow and arrow. I notched an arrow, pulling back as far as I could go. The pain almost becoming unbearable, I set my face in a determined glare.

"Ass-hole!" I scream, "Let my mother go!" I release and the arrow flies through the air, hitting him right in the bicep.

"Ah!" He gasps and drops my mother to put a hand on his arm.

"Adi! Oh my god, sweetheart. What happened?" my mother asks as she recovers form the fall like it was nothing and rushes to my side, catching me as I fall from my proud stance.

"Owl," is all I manage to say. I look forward and the last thing I see is what seemed to be a worried expression of the damn human's face.

"Now, what the hell is that for?" I thought
So,it is finally up. Chapter 5. :squee: You didn't think it was coming, did you? Well, HA! I proved you wrong. :lmao:

I hope you guys enjoy. Sorry it is kinda short.

And thank you for still reading even though I took so insanly long to post. :iconiloveyouplz:

Can't wait to hear what you guys think. :woohoo:

I owe you guy so much. :worship:

Ch 4:…

Ch 6:…
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